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Heart River Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services 

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John Wieglenda, LCAC

I'm a third-generation North Dakota resident. I reside on the ranch that my grandfather homesteaded in the 1880s. 

I began my pursuit of a career in addiction counseling in 1986. I attended Dickinson State
College and University of Mary and graduated cum laude in 1990. I completed a practicum at the North Dakota State
Hospital and Badlands Human Service Center, so as to not be away from the ranch where we still reside.

I met my future wife, Marsha, while working at the ND State Hospital. When I returned to
Dickinson in 1991 she was recruited by St. Joseph's Hospital to work in their addiction
program. Little did we know that three months later they would close this program
suddenly leaving us in a real lurch. At that time we were encouraged to set up a private practice, which we did. I then
completed a year long internship at Badlands Human Service Center before joining
Marsha in our fledgling practice. The city courts encouraged us to set up a minor in
possession program and we were some of the first individuals trained in the than new
Prime for Life DUI program.  We continue to offer both of these programs today.  Building a private practice from the ground up has been both challenging and rewarding.  We have gone through the many changes in the field of treatment and the inital struggle to get reimburesment for service to a new era of coverage for nearly everyone who seeks help with alcohol and drug problems.  


Mission Statement

Heart River Alcohol and Drug Abuse Service, Inc. is a private and confidential personal growth center committed to providing thorough and accurate chemical dependency assessments and treatment to the individuals we serve. We aim to provide recommendations that are both realistic and helpful for the clients we serve, and work to get 100% placement for individuals seeking treatment at our agency or elsewhere. We strive to provide individualized treatment programs that are appropriate for our clients' personal needs and goals.

Group Session


Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


The success of an addict’s treatment requires the support of an entire community. At Heart River Alcohol & Drug Abuse Service, Inc., we understand the heartache and pains of addiction and the strength that can be gained from successful treatment. Take advantage of this service to help in your healing process and get in touch for more information.

Group Meeting


This service is conducted in a group setting because we’ve found that individuals respond best to treatment when treated together. We prefer a nurturing approach, with an emphasis on education and empowerment to move forward. We are here to help patients put this phase of their life behind and start anew.



ART is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that utilizes back and forth eye movements to help clients address common problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD. It is not the same eye movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), however they both use eye movements. In experiencing ART, you may find that you connect pieces of information that are already stored in your memory to help you resolve your issues. The brain, while focused on a problem and concurrently using eye movements, makes new connections with a person's strength and problems solving abilities.

ART  is a very focused eye movement therapy and as such has a produced quick effect and safe results in treating anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues and grief, to name a few. ART is effective with adults as well as children. 

For more information on Accelerated Resolution Therapy check out these YouTube sites:

-What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy?"

-Introduction to Accelerated Resolution Therapy

-Trauma and Accelerated Therapy



Your personal history and circumstances make your addiction unique to you. This service is tailored for you and your addiction, and focuses on educating you and making you strong enough - in mind and body - to be well. We will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and helping you to see that you are never alone in this tough journey.


Most services are covered by Medicaid, Medicaid expansion, Private insurance,  or the SUD Voucher.
Insurance will not pay on evaluations/services if there is no Abuse or Dependence diagnosis.

Adult and Adolescent:

  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

  • ART therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Individual Education

  • Low Intensity Outpatient Group Therapy

  • Aftercare Services

  • Family Therapy

  • Minor in Possession/Consumption Class

  • 16 Hour DUI class

  • Consultations

  • Codependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics Therapy

Group Session


Monday-Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Friday-Sunday:  Closed

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”



30 7th St W
St Joe's Plaza
Dickinson, ND 58601
Enter on the South end of the building thru Island Cuisine door/outside reddish stairs, go down the short hall and take a left.

PH 701-483-0795

FAX 701-483-0947

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